Join the Coalition because we are better together! That is why we have formed this bad ass band of brothers. (And Sisters)

The Coalition is a curated group of Board Game designers and Vendors that help each other succeed by:

  • Giving feedback on other Coalition members games.
  • Sharing Important product launches for fellow comrades within The Coalition to there followings. (Through Social Media, Email, Websites, Etc.)
  • Sharing contacts and creating opportunities to help other’s succeed.
  • Celebrating with pizza parties whenever possible.
  • And ton’s more.

In time we hope to build a solid toolkit for anyone who joins us to utilize to help them product great games.

How do I join?

To join the coalition there is a small application process. We want to make sure that the people we are partnering with are as serious about there games as we are. You can start by filling out this form. After you fill out the application it takes 5 business days to be reviewed by the group. After we review it, you will here from us at the contact information that you provide to us:

Apply to be a Comrade in the Coalition:

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