We are proud to announce Sojourn!

WMG is excited to announce our 2nd IP, “Sojourn”!

Sojourn is a unique spin on the apocalyptic genre. WWI never ended, and as nations got desperate to finish the war, they turned to scientists to manipulate the weather in order to give them the advantage over their foes. Instead of being able to harness this power, the scientists who worked on it ended up destabilizing weather to the point that seasons and climates shifted.

Fast forward 100 years, and you have the time and setting of “Sojourn”. The technology is anchored back in the WWI setting, but over the past 100 years people have added on to it to make it more useful in the new world they now inhabit.

Players will fight to survive this new world by crafting, scavenging, fighting, and building. Everything you do in this game matters, and will influence the final score you get at the end of the game.

We’re excited to be partnering with Davy Wagnarok to provide the amazing art that will be a part of the game, and you can see JD #1 here!

Looking forward to releasing more details as we go, but wanted to give you all a peek at our new IP as well as continue to show you the art as we have it completed.

Feel free to DM us with any questions you may have.


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