Featured Artist – Davy Wagnarok

Davy Wagnarok the greatest teammate that isn’t actually a real teammate that has ever lived! Except when you hire him… At that point he is kind of a teammate.. But you get the point.

Looking for a reliable, talented, humble, emotionally stable artist is a long, arduous, & frustrating process. You end up sifting through multitudes of candidates. Some are far too expensive. Others take feedback too personally. Pretty much all of them don’t meet deadlines! Well, we have struck gold. Davy is talented, dedicated, and provides a unique perspective on our projects. He is easy to work with and is a game designer that wants other designers to succeed. He has been one of the greatest extensions of the We Make Games crew in our companies short history.

Look at some of Davy’s Work:


Davy’s Contact Information:



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