The Art of the Successful Kickstarter Video – Part 2 – Your Video Creation Options

So, you know what kind of stats that you should shoot for to have a successful kickstarter. You also know that most people who have had a successful kickstarter also had a solid video representing their product. That’s great!… Now what? Well, here is the good news: You have options. That’s right, options. Let’s talk about what those options are.

Option 1: Create a kickstarter video yourself!

Let’s be real. If you are planning on launching a kickstarter to produce the “world’s most revolutionary board game”, you probably aren’t making it rain on the first smooth talking videographer that comes your way. You are probably considering making the kickstarter teaser yourself. What do we think about that?… More power too you!

Electing to create your own kickstarter video is a great way to save funds for advertising your campaign. If you have the skills, equipment, or connections to self produce your own kickstarter video, than I DO RECOMMEND doing that! Here is what I DO NOT recommend: If you are going to “Learn Windows Movie Maker” or “Film the video on your flip phone”, then it may not be the right choice for you to create your own project video. Please consider that your kickstarter video is usually the first impression that someone has of your product…. Hmmm… I think there is a saying about first impressions…

So I am implicitly clear. If you meet the following criteria, I think you should consider creating your own teaser:

  • You have access to a decent prosumer DSRL. (Like a Canon 6d or a Sony A7S)
  • You have a background in using editing software. (Like Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, or Final Cut Pro)
  • You have at least 20-40 hours to devote to the creation of this video.
  • You have solid recording equipment for clear audio. (Like a Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder)

The crew here at We Make Games thought that we met the criteria that was mentioned above. So we decided to create our own videos for Gingerdead House as well as the expansion The Walking Bread.

If you think you have the stones to take on your own video creation conquest, stay tuned for updates. We will be releasing more tips & resources to help you determine what type of video you should create, as well as giving you resources to make your video creation easier.

Option 2: Hire a pro to handle it:

There are companies/freelancers in this world that would love to take on the challenge of creating your kickstarter video. These people generally have experience creating kickstarter videos and could offer great insights into the types of video that may be effective for reaching your primary demographic.

However, hiring an outside party to create your video takes resources. When you purchase someone’s video creation services, it puts a fire under you to go above an beyond to ensure a successful campaign! After all, you don’t want your investment into a kick-ass kickstarter video going to waste.

If you meet the following criteria, this option is probably the right one for you:

  • You feel your time would be better spent in creating a following for your product.
  • You feel you will need all the time you can get to work on other aspects of your campaign.
  • You don’t have the equipment, connections, or skills to produce a quality video to represent your project.
  • You have a campaign budget that allows you to spend money on professional help.

Anyone with the means to hire a professional videographer, who isn’t themselves a professional videographer, should definitely explore the option of contracting the creation of their kickstarter video. The reality is a professional could bring many insights into your campaign that you otherwise, may not have had.

Do what works for you. End of story.

We have helped 11 projects come to life over the last 3 years with our kickstarter video creation services and have seen people be successful following either of the routes mentioned above. It’s important for you to do what is going to work for you! Just make sure that whichever route you take you release an excellent video that captivates your audience. You can’t put a price on that first impression.

Next Topic: Part 3 – The Types of Kickstarter Videos (Coming Soon)

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