The Art of the Successful Kickstarter Video – Part 1 – Facts & Stats

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! It’s not a secret that a successful Kickstarter Campaign is largely dependent on the success of your kickstarter project video. So how do you determine what makes a kickstarter video successful?

This is what a successful video looks like:

Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

Just Kidding. Kind Of.

But for real. What does a successful kickstarter video look like? The obvious answer to that question is “a video that converts backers”! However, a video’s conversion rate isn’t always easy to quantify. At least not until the end of your campaign. So, let’s go with the second most obvious answer to that question: A successful kickstarter project video is directly correlated to the number of successful video completions that the video generates. That’s right… Your goal is to get people to finish the video!

Here are some facts and stats on what a successful kickstarter video looks like:

What you read on the internet about kickstarter campaigns can be very useful, but occasionally you come across some misleading information. The internet tells me that most successful kickstarters have a video that has a successful video completion rates of 45%-55% or more. However, we have had successful campaigns that range from 28% – 61% playthrough rates. And ladies and gentleman, 10/11 of our videos have helped produce successful kickstarter campaigns. Here are some stats from our experience with videos we have created:

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