The Launch of a Website! The start of something even more.

Let’s not talk about the obvious here… Yeah, We have a new website. However, what we really have here is the stuff that dreams are made of. You know what I’m saying? Dreams. I’m talking about late night, Dungeons & Dragons, handful of doritos, getting sleep drunk on a TCG kind of dreams. You know you’re hooked!

We Make Games is so much more than your typical Board Game company. We are a small group of dudes, who all work full time jobs, who desperately want to make board gaming their careers. I know what you are thinking:

“Well, what does that mean for me?”


More Games for for your closet

Well that is pretty simple really… It means you get bad ass games that will have a lot of time, tears, sweat, and love put into them. We want to put out a few games so don’t get to excited and sit back and relaxe while we make some magic happen.

Resources for board game designers

If you are a Board Game Designer, this also means that you are going to recieve whatever knowledge that we obtain in the form of our “Resources” page. This page will exist to share wha we have learned and will learn along the way. Stay tuned as it grows in time.

A band of brothers

We want to start a band of brothers (and sisters) that focuses on helping each other be successful. We are calling it “The Coalition”. This group will be a curated group of individuals that you can apply to be a part of!

We need your help!

Ultimately, we need your help. There is no way this group of dudes can accomplish this dream on there own. After all, we are better together. Thanks for tuning in!

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